2er CD Bundle+Vinyl - Viznat LP+Helsang+Te Ruki
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VMP Vinyl+2er CD Special Bundle featuring:

"Viznat - Plaga Hominum" Vinyl , "Helsang - Helheim" Digipack, "Te Ruki - E Tika Mateu"Digipack

"The" Vinyl - "Viznat - Plaga Hominum"

1st album from this one man project from Augsburg with 9 Songs - total playtime = over 44 minutes.
Comes in a thick cover with a 40 x 40 cm poster and insert with lyrics.
Especially mastered for vinyl by Irsins Sound
German Black Metal Art - limited to 100 handnumbered Units

1st CD - "Helsang´s - Helheim"

"Helsang´s newest output. Comes as a matt lacquered, 6-sided digipack including 5 songs.

Thematically this time it is about coming to terms with and dealing with the issues of death, hatred, pain,

anger. madness, mental limitations, disturbances in life ...

The complete work is limited to 300 hand-numbered units!

2nd CD - "Te Ruki - E Tika Mateu"

French polynesian Black Metal from South Pacific!!!

"E Tika Mateu" DigiCD featuring 5 songs in tuamotu language.

Comes as a matt lacquered, 4- sided digipack inclusive 8- sided Booklet whit the lyrics in tuamotu and english.

Tuamotu - a language which is dying out - It is currently only spoken by 6700 people worldwide.

The “Mana” of TE RUKI comes from lands, seas, winds, the moon and the pride of its people armed in the  name of their gods: Oro, Ruahatu, Tohitika…